Infosec Europe: Why We’re Excited to Go and What We’re Hoping to Get Out of It

Christopher Yapp   26 May, 2022

UK's Most Innovative Cyber SME's Award

We’re really excited to be attending InfoSec Europe at the Excel centre 21-23 of June, and doubly so, to be shortlisted for their UK's Most Innovative Cyber SME's Award. Industry events always provide a hugely valuable opportunity for us to speak to our peers, keep up to date with trends and of course, show all our potential customers some of the amazing work our team our doing.

most innovative

The theme this year is innovation, and we’re really excited about what we’re doing here at C2. We’re putting a lot of work into making the lives of our amazing analysts easier by continuing to integrate automation into our process. This means making our question sets cleverer, increasing the skip logic and adaptive natures of their structure, and making the processing and identification of risks more and more accurate. It has also seen a great deal of thought and development go into how we can integrate machine learning to help read an increasing array of documents to remove the need for the humans in the loop to open endless PDFs. This might sound like an easy task, but as the more technical reader will know, teaching a machine to read reliably is a tricky thing to do.

The other area we’re really looking to stretch our team is in the adaption of our tried and tested methodology (focussed on Vendor Risk Management) to address the paucity of reliable data surrounding the sustainability agenda. There are a myriad of reasons why delivering valuable and actionable data or intelligence on sustainability is difficult; from the absence of accepted standards or metrics, wildly differing agendas, non-standard language and taxonomy all the way to what is usually publicly reported or published by companies and the dangers surrounding greenwashing.

As such we’re using our approach of actively engaging with entities on our clients’ behalf to actually understand what’s going on inside their organisations and help them improve standards rather than superficially and punitively applying a score from the outside. The good news is that the data sources on sustainability grow by the day, and there are some truly innovative approaches out there to measure everything from governance in a big business to encroaching sea levels due to global warming. Our job is to gather some of these and create questions sets for our platform to use which will help our clients cut to the chase of what’s material to them, whether that’s opportunities for investment in a portfolio, or potential vulnerabilities in their supply chain.

We’re really looking forward to introducing these themes to a wider audience at InfoSec Europe and talking to the wider Cyber Security community about how we have a role to play in the future sustainability agenda. Our team are passionate about how this can be done both as an agent of positive change, and also address new markets who may not jump at the prospect of strengthening their information assurance credentials but are under increasing pressure to understand how sustainable their business practices are. Its here we think there is real scope for the cyber community to grow into new markets. Good data protection, for example, is key to good governance, which means cyber security sits at the heart of the G of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). This in turn puts us at the heart of sustainability, which is an exciting place to be and we’re looking forward to sharing that message in person in June.

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